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Current Students


Firas Bayram (Main Supervisor)

Topic: Testing strategies for data-driven machine learning IoT systems

Karlstad University, Sweden

Yunpeng Ma (Co-supervisor)

Topic: Sustainable production through AI controlled forging oven

Karlstad University, Sweden

Vaclav Rechtberger (Co-supervisor)

Topic: Model-based Testing for complex software and IoT systems using state machine-based models

Czech Technical Univesity in Prague, Czech Republic

Matej Klima (Co-supervisor)

Topic: Model-based Testing of the functionality of IoT systems operating with a limited network connectivity

Czech Technical Univesity in Prague, Czech Republic



Jan Richter 

Thesis Title: Avocado framework plugin for generating combinatorial interaction tests

Czech Technical University in Prage, 2020

Taib Sh. Abdulsamad

Thesis Title: Design and Implementation of a Combinatorial Interaction Strategy for The Use of Software Testing.  Statistic & Computer Department, College Of Commerce, University of Sulaimani, 2015.

Sirwan M. Mustafa

Thesis Title: The Use of Information Technology in Solfeggio Eastern
College of Art, Salahaddin University-Hawler, (2014)

Undergraduate Projects

Krystof  Sykora

Thesis Title: Code Coverage Aware Test Generation Using Constraint Solver

Czech Technical University in Prage, 2020

Past Undergraduate projects

  • 2015:   Design and Implementation of a cloud-connected Android application
  • 2014:   Design and Development of an Information Bulletin Android App for College Of Engineering – SUH
  • 2013:   Design and Implementation of A Software Interaction Testing Tool Using Random Sampling.
  • 2013:   Design and Implementation of an Interactive, Secured, and User-Friendly Academic Website for the Engineering College (SUH).